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The Secrets To Long-Term Luxury Travel To Europe

The Secrets To Long-Term Luxury Travel To Europe - Luxury Wanderlust

Have you always wondered how you could ever afford long-term travel to Europe without being independently wealthy?

Here Are My Top 3 Tips on How To create a luxury Long-Term Trip To Europe...

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If you are anything like I used to be, you go on vacation and visit an amazing location and when it's time to leave you just want to stay longer.

It makes you want to figure out a way to travel long-term.

The 3 tips below will help you solve your dilemma and finally be able to take that long-term trip to Europe you have always desired.

Tip #1 - Slow Travel

By far the best way to save money, is slow travel. Slow travel means staying in one area for an extended period of time, most often from 1-3 months.

SIDE NOTE: As a US Citizen, you can stay in Europe for up to 90 days without a visa. Yes, you heard that right, all you need is passport for up t0 3 months of travel bliss!

Using the slow travel method, you will spend much less as you won't be running around to different places every couple of days. It also gives you the opportunity to cook at home, and rent places for a extended period of time which really cuts down on the per/day cost of lodging.

Lodging prices can dramatically decrease if you rent for a month or more especially through sites like Airbnb (get a $40 travel credit when you book through this link).

With slow travel you also get the benefits you don't normally get with vacations such as immersing yourself in the local culture, making foreign friends and really learning about the lifestyle and ares

Tip #2 - Create A Minimalist Lifestyle

One of the biggest things that prevents people from long-term travel are things like cars, mortgage payments and things back home that would keep them stressed.

If you are serious about long-term travel, begin to de-clutter, minimize your possessions and cut back where you can.

It doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach either. When I took my first long-term trip to Spain & Portugal, I purged a lot of stuff, but kept the essentials to keep a household running. I sold a lot of furniture and possessions that weren't necessity for when I returned.

Mr Stoney Helps Me Declutter- How To Afford Long-Term Travel To Europe - Luxury Wanderlust

Stoney helps me declutter before my first long-term trip to Barcelona

I also did things like get a T-Mobile plan, which has international coverage and is actually much less expensive than a lot of other plans. I also got rid of subscription services that would be a burden once I left. 

As I am currently preparing for a move over to Europe so I can permanently travel long-term, I will be selling the rest of my possessions and most likely re-homing my dog 🙁

The more you can and are willing to purge the easier it is going to be to travel and the less you have to worry about when you are traveling.

Tip #3 - Find The Best Resources

There are thousands of resources on the internet to save money on flights, get amazing lodging and ultimately make your travel adventure luxurious. But not all are created equal. You may think you got the best, but then see a few weeks later the same flight or hotel for half the price. This is the worst! 

When I went on my first long-term trip, I scoured the internet for hours trying to find how to get the absolutely best flight deals, lodging that was luxurious and felt good plus what I needed to take over on my trip to feel take care of and prepared. 

 Maria Luisa Park in Sevilla, Spain- How To Afford Long-Term Travel To Europe

Maria Luisa Park in Sevilla, Spain

To save you from spending hours doing the same thing, I created an Ebook entitled How To Travel Europe: The Best-Kept Secrets For Women. The Ebook has all the information you need to know to travel in luxury while saving money and also be properly prepared while traveling. 

Quite honestly, if you know what you are doing you can travel to Europe in luxury for a a fraction of the cost you are led to believe it will cost- you just need to know what resources to use and when.

*The products in this article are items I use and recommend based on my personal experience. If you choose to purchase one of the products mentioned in this article, you will not be charged more, but I may receive compensation.

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